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South Whidbey Cooperative Preschool uses High/Scope Curriculum. Based on the child development ideas of Jean Piaget, the High/Scope Preschool Curriculum views children as active learners, who learn best from activities that they themselves plan, carry out, and reflect upon. The children are encouraged to engage in a variety of key experiences that help them to make choices, solve problems, and actively contribute to their own development.

The High/Scope educational approach has unique features that differentiate it from other early childhood programs. One is the daily Plan-Do-Review sequence. Research shows that planning and reviewing are the two components of the program day most positively and significantly associated with children’s scores on measures of developmental progress. The second feature is the 58 High/Scope preschool key experiences which define the content areas of the preschool curriculum. These are the social, intellectual, and physical experiences that are essential to young children’s optimal growth.  Your child’s teacher will share indicator’s of your child’s progress through these key experiences during the fall and spring parent-teacher conferences.

In addition, the High/Scope approach offers a unique role and experience for parents. In High/Scope programs, adults are as active in the learning process as children. A mutual give-and-take relationship exists in which both groups participate as leaders and followers, speakers and listeners. Adults interact with children by sharing control with them; focusing on their strengths, forming genuine relationships with them, supporting their play ideas, and helping them resolve conflicts. Adults participate as partners in children’s activities rather than as supervisors or managers. They respect children and their choices, and encourage initiative, independence, and creativity. Our teachers provide materials and plan experiences that children need to grow and learn. Our parents learn through their work in the class room and through monthly child development classes.

High/Scope classrooms follow a predictable sequence of events known as the daily routine. This provides a structure within which children can make choices and follow their interests. These class day segments always include Plan-Do-Review time, small-group time, large-group time, outside time, transitions and snack.

Almost 40 years of research shows that High/Scope programs advance the development of children and improve their chance of living a better life through adulthood. National research with children from different backgrounds has shown that those who attend High/Scope programs score higher on measures of development than similar children enrolled in other preschool and child care programs.

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